About Our Company

We are dedicated to taking good care of your property and to making you, our customer, happy.

My name is Celso Lopez Romero.

I have been working in landscaping for 16 years. I came to the United States from Guatemala when I was 14 years old and I got my first job in a lawn service. I was then approached by another company and recruited to work for them. I learned the business working for this large company and soon decided I could give better service by going out on my own.

My business grew through recommendations from other customers. My employees and I have learned on the job how to prepare areas for and install patios and have taken classes from several companies on how to work with their paving stones.

I have three children: a boy 17, a boy 13, and a girl 3 years old. My goal is to set a good example so my kids become hard workers like me. I encourage them to do well in school. I started from nothing and worked hard to get where I am today, to having a solid company with great employees who are as dedicated to the business as I am.

I love working outdoors, listening to the birds, and being out in the fresh air. I feel lucky to see the flowers and feel the damp grass early in the morning. Where I come from there are a lot of rivers, so hearing the sound of water is very comforting to me.

I like the fact that we have been able to grow our company and provide jobs for others. We all work together towards a common goal: we like making our customers happy. We appreciate our work and the feeling of accomplishment when we make our customers' properties beautiful because we know it’s an important part of their lives.

Celso Romero Lopez

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